A Capitol riot suspect who said he was ‘invincible’ because he was wearing a mask has now been arrested



Capitol riot suspect Landon Mitchell (circled)
Capitol riot suspect Landon Mitchell (circled) FBI
  • Landon Mitchell boasted that he would likely evade detection because he was “masked up,” a complaint said.

  • He told friends he was “invincible,” the complaint said.

  • He was arrested Wednesday after a friend identified him, the complaint said.

A Capitol riot suspect who said he wasn’t worried about being caught because he was “masked up” on January 6 has been arrested after a friend identifed him.

The FBI arrested Landon Mitchell on Wednesday, HuffPost reported, on multiple charges including obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct in a Capitol building.

It followed an FBI investigation that highlighted messages he had sent to friends describing his role in the insurrection, when a mob of Trump supporters illegally entered the US Capitol to stop the certification of Joe Biden’s 2020 election victory.

According to the criminal affidavit filed in the US District Court of the District of Columbia, Mitchell was identified by Luke Wessley Bender, a former colleague who has also been charged with breaching the Capitol.

Bender was arrested in July following a tipoff from a high school classmate. Following his arrest, Bender identified Mitchell as the person he had attended the rally with, and as the person who appeared in multiple photos he posted to social media of the rally, the complaint said.

In Facebook messages following the Capitol riot, Mitchell had also told friends that he had “breached the Capitol” and had been “one of the very first in,” the complaint said.

He also said he was not worried about being arrested and described himself as “invincible,” the complaint said.

“Seriously though, I’m not too worried,” he told a friend who asked him if he had been arrested later in January, adding: “I was masked up the whole time,” per the complaint.

In another conversation, Mitchell told a friend that he had identified the back of his head in footage posted to the New Yorker and said: “Thank God for giving me the foresight to keep my mask off,” the complaint said.

Federal prosecutors have charged more than 600 people for offenses relating to the January 6 riot, according to Insider’s tracker.

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