‘BIGG BOSS’ makes a shocking announcement leaving contestants aghast



Host Salman Khan had rightfully said that surviving this year in the ‘BIGG BOSS’ jungle will be tough! The audience will now witness the baap of all twists that will prove exactly Salman’s prediction. Bigg Boss has been noting contestants’ behaviour and now decided to punish them severely to set them straight like never before.

As the housemates chill and have fun the entire day, Bigg Boss makes an announcement that hits them like a truck. The house has observed that the contenders haven’t been following the rules and are not taking the show seriously. As a result, they have been ordered to enter the jungle and become a ‘junglewasi’. Everyone is shocked by this punishment and start pointing fingers at each other.

But even before they could figure out what happened, they are hit by another twist! Nishant Bhat, the recently chosen captain, has to come up with eight names who will not be safe in the coming eviction rounds. Not only that, the entire group has to nominate two names who haven’t made any contributions to the game. These two contestants will have to bid farewell to their Bigg Boss journey and dreams!


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