August 15, 2020

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3 abortionists admit they have COVID-19 symptoms

3 abortionists admit they have COVID-19 symptoms

Planned Parenthood (Photo: Twitter)

Airline flights, cruises, schools, restaurants, malls, theaters and more have been canceled or closed because of the Chinese coronavirus.

But, so far, abortion businesses remain open.

And some in Washington want a loosening of rules to make abortion easier to obtain while the nation is under the threat of the pandemic.

But a new development could throw a wrench in the works: Three abortionists admit they have symptoms of the disease caused by the virus that burst out of control in Wuhan, China.

The pro-life organization Operation Rescue noted the abortionists are Jen Villacicencio, a Planned Parenthood abortionist in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Sara Pentlicky, an abortionist at the Seattle Planned Parenthood; and Texas abortionist Joe Nelson.

Villacicencio complained on Twitter that it took her a week to get tested for the virus after showing symptoms.

“Can someone explain to me why it took 1 week, 4 hours on the phone, and an hour drive for me, a symptomatic physician, to get tested but asymtpmatic [sic] celebrities seem to have an abundance of access? #COVID19”

The doctors’ test results were not readily available, nor were their plans to work, except that they might be in voluntary quarantine.

Pentlicky responded to Villecicencio’s complaint with: “I feel you. I had almost the exact same experience yesterday.”

Meanwhile, in Texas, Operation Rescue said, abortionist Joe Nelson is voluntarily quarantined after he supposedly failed to find anyone who would test him.

Nelson works at three abortion facilities, including Whole Women’s Health of Fort Worth,.

He blamed President Trump for his trouble.

“It’s pretty clear that the Trump administration does not want to know how bad the COVID19 problem is,” he said. “Testing as few people as possible means less confirmed cases. I don’t know why I expected better of them. I’m a physician with symptoms and I can’t get tested either.”

His comments quickly drew a response.

Twitter user @DeplorableDoc wrote: “Really? What makes you so special? You think you deserve a test more than any of the other 1000s of emergency workers? Testing as few people as possible? Dude. If you are really an M.D., use your position to educate the public with FACTS, please. Don’t be part of the problem!

“So you hang out at abortion clinics and kill babies…but you think that YOU deserve to be tested more than the 50k+ ER Docs working in the trenches?! Dude. All you have to do is put down the forceps and stay at home to save lives!”

The issue spotlighted a longstanding problem for America’s abortion industry: Young doctors are reluctant to enter the industry and its senior doctors are at or beyond the age to retire.

Pro-abortion reporter Milessa Jeltsen wrote on Twitter: “Abortion clinics cannot survive for long without healthy doctors. … If a few abortion providers get sick, it could have a dramatic domino effect.”

Operation Rescue asked: “What steps were taken at the clinics – if any — to mitigate the spread of the virus. How often were surfaces in common areas sanitized — if ever? How many women did these abortionists have contact with at abortion facilities before sickness led them to self-quarantine and were exposed without their knowledge? How many more people will be exposed by those women before anyone realizes what happened to them?”

Some clinics were said to be rearranging chairs in the waiting rooms to prevent the virus from spreading.

“This is like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Deficiency reports that we have collected from every abortion facility that is inspected show that these clinics already have massive infection control problems. Now they expect us to believe that rearranging a bit of furniture will help stop the spread of this very contagious virus? It’’s ridiculous.”


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3 abortionists admit they have COVID-19 symptoms