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FEMA launches 'rumor control' campaign on coronavirus

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FEMA launches 'rumor control' campaign on coronavirus

FEMA launches ‘rumor control’ campaign on coronavirus


The Federal Emergency Management Agency has launched a web page to “help the public distinguish between rumors and facts” regarding the response to coronavirus pandemic.

For example, the site notes a recent death was reported in China due “to a new Hantavirus.”

However, the Hantavirus, often contracted from contact with the waste products of infected rodents, isn’t new and is very rare.

It refutes the rumor that there is “a national lockdown.”

And it debunks reports that FEMA “has deployed military assets.”

“Like all emergencies, response is most successful when it is locally executed, state managed and federally supported. Each state’s governor is responsible for response activities in their state, to include establishing curfews, deploying the National Guard if needed and any other restrictions or safety measures they deem necessary.”

How about groceries? How many months of food do I need?

“Please only buy what your family needs for a week. It is important to remember that many families may be unable to buy a supply of food and water for weeks in advance. Consumer demand has recently been exceptionally high – especially for grocery, household cleaning, and some healthcare products.”

The site also addresses “an unfortunate rumor that only people over 60 years of age are at risk of getting this disease.”

“According to the Centers for Disease Control, those at higher risk include older adults and people with serious chronic medical conditions. However, symptoms can range from ile to severe … and may have different complications for each individual.”

And the rebate checks to taxpayers from the government?

Not now, the site says, although the Senate’s $2.2 trillion stimulus would grant $1,200 to every taxpayer with a 2018 income of up to $75,000.


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FEMA launches ‘rumor control’ campaign on coronavirus