‘Junglewasis’ and ‘Gharwasis’ lock horns amid chaos on COLORS’ Bigg Boss



Just as COLORS had promised, all forms of intense dangals have taken place in the Bigg Boss jungle in the first two weeks itself. But what awaits everyone is the baap of all these dangals – ‘Gharwasis’ vs ‘Junglewasis’. The contest is becoming tougher with each passing day, and the challenges that lie in front of them are about to test their patience, unity, friendships and characters to the absolute limits!

In the previous episodes, we saw how ‘Junglewasis’ tried to get inside the house by hook or crook. Strategies have been deployed, rivalries formed, and chaos ready to erupt like never before. The ‘Junglewasis’ are hungry to get the pathway pieces inside the main house. On the other hand, the ‘Gharwasis’ are determined to defend themselves at all costs. A vast showdown takes place as all of them literally start pushing and pulling each other, resulting in a massive dangal in this jungle. From dragging each other by the feet to screaming and shouting, expect all kinds of drama.

Meanwhile Afsana has a massive face-off with Shamita, almost at each other’s throats. Shamita says to Afsana, “Yeh aurat pata nahi kaha se aayi hai!” Fuming, Afsana stands up and charges at Shamita, but gets stopped in the nick of time. The latter is equally ready to take her on. Vishal, who had recently attempted to partner up with Shamita, also jumps into this fight. He challenges Afsana by saying, “Tere mein dum hai toh tu haath uthaake dikha!” As the fire rages on, it will be pulsating to see where this fight goes!


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