Neighbor shoots man in face after choking victim seeks refuge, Colorado cops say



A 34-year-old man wound up shot in the face early Saturday morning after a neighborhood spree of violence, Colorado police reported.

The Colorado Springs man repeatedly choked a person unconscious in a domestic disturbance, officers said on a police blotter.

When the person ran to a neighbor’s home for refuge after regaining consciousness, the man opened fire on the home with a shotgun and then an AR-15, trying to kill the people inside, police reported.

When he tried to break into the home carrying the AR-15, the neighbor, who had armed himself, shot him in the face, incapacitating him, according to police.

Police responding to 911 calls about the gunshots at 12:56 a.m. found the man outside the home. He and the person he had choked were treated at the hospital for non-life threatening injuries, police said.

Colorado Springs is a city of more than 460,000 people south of Denver near Pikes Peak.

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