People used to ask me out as a joke – but after my massive glow-up the joke’s on them



We’ve all come a long way since high school and looking back at photos often make us cringe.

But one woman’s impressive glow-up is a little more extreme than most as she’s hardly recognizable.

Tyler Jade shared a video on her TikTok page and revealed that she was picked on at school.

On top of a school photo of her sporting baggy clothes and side-sweeping black-dyed hair, she wrote: “Ask her for her number, it’ll be funny.”

This comment, it seems, was made by bullies who used to mock the way she looked.

But years later, the joke is on them as she’s absolutely stunning.

Jade has since parted with her gothic-style appearance and swapped her black locks for sweeping blonde waves instead.

Her pale skin tone also has a beautiful sunkissed glow thanks to fake tan, and she’s even stepped it up a notch with her make-up application too.

Jade is also a fitness fanatic who regularly shares her gym workouts online.

Jade now regularly shares fitness videos on her TikTok.
Jade now regularly shares fitness videos on her TikTok.

So, naturally, her new-formed confidence shows in her overall appearance and people can’t get over how good she looks.

“Best glow up I’ve seen, wow,” one person said, adding: “Super cute before too though.”

“Okay wow,” said another.

One joked: “23 and still praying for my glow up”

While another added: “Smashed it girly.”


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