Rajiv reveals an intriguing secret his friendship with Ieshaan on COLORS’ ‘BIGG BOSS’!



In the previous episode of ‘BIGG BOSS’, Rajiv and Ieshaan argued over a ‘secret’. Rajiv went after Ieshaan to ensure that he did not divulge this secret to anyone else in the house. However, their quarrel has now erupted into a big fight as Miesha, and other housemates get involved. As this fight rages on, this intriguing secret comes out in the open, leaving Miesha overwhelmed! 

In the presence of Miesha, Rajiv declares that his friendship with Ieshaan is ‘deeper’ than everyone thinks. Ieshaan hits back in protest, saying that he is wrongfully portrayed and that he is a straight man. The moment tenses up, and both of them start shouting at each other. While the rest of their housemates try to separate them, Rajiv tells everyone, “Kya galat bol raha hoon main?” Miesha leaves with tears in her eyes. Their fight brings out a question in everyone’s minds – what is the truth behind their friendship? 

Meanwhile, Afsana dials up the masti in the house and starts behaving comically to amuse her housemates. Vishal asks her, “Kahan se aayi hai tu?” She carries on pretending like she has been possessed by spirits and starts falling all over. Vishal comments, “Ghode ka bhoot aaya hai iske andar!” This makes Rajiv laugh. She then goes after Rajiv and Pratik and starts scaring them, while the rest enjoy the fun. 

On the other hand, Vishal, Karan, Jay and Tejasswi start pulling Rajiv’s leg. They demand to know the secret behind his fancy chaddi! Rajiv tries running away from them, but they chase him all over the house to get an answer from him.


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