Suchitra Pillai and Amol Parashar are the new faces of the Candere Campaign #BaateinTohHongiHi



In their latest brand campaign, Candere by Kalyan Jewellers highlights the boldness of the brand and its self-assured confidence which it flaunts. Those who dare to be different, follow their heart and carve their own path. The theme of the campaign #BaateinTohHongiHi is about being unique enough to be a conversation starter. Baatein toh hongi hi usually has a negative connotation in the Indian social context because people love to gossip or comment when someone doesn’t conform to societal norms or follow the standard convention. However, the campaign gives a positive twist to the old term by using it in the context of being so special that people sit around and talk about you.

The story line begins with a get-together where a couple with a visible age difference get talked about. Suchitra Pillai and Amol Parashar, as the couple, handle the situation smartly with witty repartees since they are secure in their relationship and couldn’t care for the world’s conformist opinion. The video ends with the guy presenting the lady with a pair of beautiful diamond earrings from Candere with a voiceover that says,” Jab aap mein kuch baat hogi to baatein to hongi hi.” Being talked about is not always a bad thing, especially when you stand a class apart. Sometimes, you can be different and still have heads turn for the right reasons. Just like the brand, Candere. Suchitra Pillai, an accomplished actress and Amol Parashar, best known for his character Chitvan Sharma in TVF Tripling, brought life to the characters and essayed their roles with panache.

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Commenting on the * #BaateinTohHongiHi campaign. Rupesh Jain, CEO, Candere said,” The society has certain views and perceptions and those who don’t conform to rules face criticism. That doesn’t reduce their stature. It only shows how they stand apart from the rest because they dare to be different and follow their own heart. Candere, as a brand endeavours to make its quality speak for itself. With every creation, Candere makes a fashion statement that is bold, different and worth being talked about. We are quite excited about the campaign as we feel that it captures the right essence of the Candere brand.”

The director Rishabh Shrivastava from the ad agency Digital F5 said, “The idea stemmed from how we like to gossip about things that are unusual. And a very Indian colloquial phrase is log baatein kar rahe hain. We thought, what if we turned this idea on its head. It was a great experience for me to translate my idea into a film with Suchitra Pillai and Amol Parashar taking it up a notch. Being different is reason enough for people to talk and we have played on this point to highlight that Candere, as a brand, stands apart and deserves to be talked about. Being different or unconventional needs to be appreciated because it requires a lot of courage to stand up and follow your heart, no matter what others say. A good film is always the result of the client, the agency and the production being tuned to the same frequency. As was the case here. We loved working with Candere to derive this unique positioning, taking on ‘age gap’ as a cause.”


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