Sudha Chandran’s fervent appeal to PM Modi



By Jyothi Venkatesh

Actor and danseuse Sudhaa Chandran has appealed in her Instagram to our dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi to issue a card to people with prosthetic limbs so that they can avoid a humiliating ‘grilling’ at airports by the various security agencies. She said the card can be like the one issued to senior citizens. The 56-year-old actor, who lost her leg in an accident, had returned to acting and dancing with a prosthetic limb. She, however, added that every time she travels for her professional assignments, she is grilled by the security agencies. She said that despite her request to the airport authorities to conduct an “ETD (Explosive Trace Detector) for her artificial limb,” she is asked to remove it every time.

“Good evening, this is a very personal note that I want to tell to our dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji, this is an appeal to the central government, I am Sudhaa Chandran, an actress and dancer by profession, who has danced with an artificial limb and created history and made my country very proud of me,” she has said in her post.

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Sudhaa adds, “Every time that I go on my professional visits, each time, I am stopped at the airport and when I request them at the security, to the CISF officers to please do an ETD (Explosive Trace Detector) for my artificial limb, they still want me to remove my artificial limb and show it to them. Is this humanly possible, Modi ji? Is this what our country is talking about? Is this the respect that a woman gives to another woman in our society?” she asked.

The actor said she is making a ‘humble request’ to PM Modi to provide a special card in this case too like it is given to senior citizens in our country. The actor shared her post with the caption, “Totally hurt each time going through this grill is very hurting. I hope my message reaches the state and central government authorities and I am  expecting a prompt action”.

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This video of Sudhaa Chandran has elicited attention from TV actor Karenvir Bohra. Who has commented, “I totally agree with you #sudhaji that there should be a facility made for such situations, to compete with you on this .” His wife Teejay Sidhu also has reacted saying, “Not right to make someone remove an artificial limb every time they travel!  Some kind of action is required for Sudha-ji”. Sudhaa later wrote, “I m overwhelmed by this response… words to thank each one of you for supporting me because it’s not an individual fight but this is a fight for a community at large.”

Chandran is known for her role of Ramola Sikand in Kaahin Kissii Roz. By the way, this reporter has also had the opportunity to act with Sudha Chandran, who has been a family friend for decades, in the show Kaahin Kissi Roz, thanks to Ekta Kapoor who has an eye for spotting latent talent wherever they are. Besides Kaahin Kisii Roz, Sudhaa Chandran has also been a part of Ekta Kapoor’s hit TV show Naagin.


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