Water sports

Surfing in Hawaii

The Atlantic coast of New England, New York, New Jersey, both the Carolines and Florida, along with the Pacific coast of California, allow you to practice any kind of water sports – from swimming and snorkeling to rowing and fishing. Specialty shops at seaside resorts offer equipment for rent for surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, windsurfing and water skiing. Inland cities like Chicago or Detroit provide similar services on lakes and rivers.


Southern California and Hawaii are renowned for being the best surfing spots. On the west coast, the most suitable waves are at Cape Doom in Malibu, Santa Monica Surfrider State Beach and La Yolla, a suburb of San Diego, on the Windansy and Boomer Seashore. In Hawaii, head to Oahu. Waikiki is rich in history and waves, while Sunset Beach, Sunset Beach on the north coast is reserved exclusively for experienced athletes.


Long Island Strait Sailboat Race

Long Island Strait Sailboat Race

For sailing on the Atlantic coast, the most suitable are the Long Island Sound (New York and Connecticut states), Cape Cod Cod (Massachusetts), the resort town of Newport (Rhode Island), Chesapeake Bay ( Maryland and Virginia) and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, while sailors on the Pacific Coast prefer San Diego, California and Seattle, Washington.


Slow rowing amid the stagnant waters of the Everglades is a test of endurance on the Colorado River in Arizona and Utah or in Yellowstone Park.


Sea fishing is a true adventure in the Atlantic waters surrounding Florida. But fishing around Cape Cod, along the shoals of North Carolina, or off the northern California coast is just as enjoyable. For the issuance of freshwater fishing licenses, please inquire at your local information offices.


Outdoor activities

There are many hiking spots across the country, from national parks to hilly New England. The famous 3,218 km Appalachian Trail, from Maine to Georgia, will give you a break from the crowds.



Appalachian trail

For long hikes, wear sturdy boots, shoes with sturdy heels, and cold nights in the mountains will require warm clothing. National park rangers can help with maps and advice on the most interesting nature trails.


Mountain climbing is best done with an experienced guide, especially in unfamiliar terrain. In large national parks, equipment can be rented; ask the caretakers for all the details.


Moose and game hunting in the Rocky Mountains is strictly regulated, but not prohibited at all. Ask your local tourist office or park rangers for licenses.


Central park jogging

Central park jogging

Jogging is still the favorite and healthiest form of entertainment, especially when running barefoot along the sandy seaside. In city parks, routes are often laid with sports grounds installed along the route. For example, parks in Boston, dubbed by the townspeople as the “emerald necklace” that span both banks of the Charles River, are simply made for jogging. But you can rent a bike or roller skates.


In addition, tennis, golf and squash are popular. The tennis craze has led many cities to equip public courts with floodlights to play at night. Often, large hotels are equipped with at least one tennis court, and sometimes they even arrange guests for a local golf club. Bring your local golf club membership card with you, but there are many more public outdoor golf courses available.




Horseback riding is common in New England and California. In national parks, you can ride a horse away from the trodden paths.


During winter holidays in the United States can be spent skiing from the mountains or the plains of Colorado, Utah, and California, while New England has family-friendly resorts. You may find rest after skiing a little boring, but the slopes themselves are great, and people prefer to climb on the lifts than to move on their own.


Spectacular sports

Don’t let your ignorance of American football or basketball deter you from attending the game. An hour in the roaring crowd at a baseball game featuring the New York Yankees or Boston’s Red Socks, rampaging football fans at a game featuring the Dallas Cowboys or diehard Chicago Bears fans will help you understand the locals better than any case study. …



American football

Games of sports such as basketball and ice hockey are held in a particularly hot situation.

World tennis is best represented at the US Open in September on the courts of Flushing Meadows Park in New York. The roar of fans drowns out the noise of jet planes flying by from LaGuardia International Airport. And the tension of the match makes the players show their best.


In Newport, Florida and Rhode Island, an unusual game of hi-alai (Spanish jai alai) is widespread – a local version of the high-speed Basque handball game called pelota. It is held in a courtyard fenced off on three sides by a wall, and the ball is caught and thrown with the help of a bast shoe tied to his hand – a sister. Night meetings in Florida are held on the Miami Jai Alai Fronton.


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