Woman burns wedding dress in wild, post-divorce photo shoot



Burn, baby, burn!

A woman took matters into her own hands and set her wedding dress on fire in a divorce-themed photo shoot after she split with her ex-husband.

Chrissy Blake, a nutritionist from Massachusetts, poured alcohol on her $1,400 gown and set it ablaze to celebrate her divorce.

The 41-year-old claimed her ex-husband cheated on her six times throughout their relationship and three-year marriage — including once before they even walked down the aisle.

Blake hired a photographer to snap photos as she swam through a lake, plus stomped on and then torched her wedding dress. She decided to go through with the shoot after she saw other women online doing the same. She took her children — Dominique, 23, and Brayden, 6 — along with her to the shoot site, where they dragged the dress through the mud and soaked it in wine before burning it.

“I saw a divorce photo shoot and I just couldn’t believe it, I had to do it,” she told Kennedy News Service. “I thought it would give me closure and be a big f–k you. It looked so much fun.”

“I would wish you the best … but you already had it.”
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“What else was I going to do with a wedding dress? I don’t believe in selling them once they’ve been worn, my daughter wasn’t going to want it,” said Blake. “It was so satisfying, we absolutely destroyed that thing. We ripped it, got it in the water and burned it.”

Blake said that she discovered her ex had “flings” with other women that ultimately led to them going to couples therapy before their September 2020 breakup. When she found out about a sixth woman, she’d had enough — and decided to leave,

“Doing something like this brings closure and is a release but it doesn’t mean you’re being vindictive or vicious,” she said. “It brings closure to the pain and freedom. I don’t want it in my closet looking at me when I open it reminding me of a mistake.”

Blake drenched her dress in white wine and set it on fire.
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That “mistake,” it seems, came up fairly early in their dating history.

“I received some messages from an ex about five months into the relationship. I didn’t believe it and I didn’t think he was that person. I just didn’t believe anything that anybody was saying,” Blake explained to Kennedy News Service.

Unfortunately, things apparently heated up from there, and one year into their marriage they went to counseling — but she said it didn’t take.

"Divorced AF," indeed.
“Divorced AF,” indeed.

Blake's dress gets dragged through the mud.
Blake’s dress gets dragged through the mud.

Fire in the hole! Chrissy Blake creates a wedding dress flambé.
Fire in the hole! Chrissy Blake creates a wedding dress flambé.

Chrissy Blake gives her wedding dress a soak in a lake.
Chrissy Blake gives her wedding dress a soak in a lake.

“I would go on his phone and see him talking to other women, saying they were sleeping together, but I wouldn’t contact the women because they didn’t know about me because he’d lied to them,” Blake shared.

“I just felt devastated. I married this man and started a family with him,” Blake said. “I’m not one to hold grudges. It was hard but it was a blessing.”


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